Deliveries are made in the Italian territory and in the European Union territory.
P.L.U.S. SRL UNIPERSONALE undertakes to deliver the products ordered by the client by using the Express Courier, to the address as from the user's registration phase of the order, within 48 hours after the reception of the payment in the Italian territory and within 10 days in the European Union territory.

Eventual delays cannot be imputed or be imputable to P.L.U.S. SRL UNIPERSONALE. No damage or loss caused by the Express Courier can be imputed to P.L.U.S. SRL UNIPERSONALE, in relation with delay or un-delivery caused by the Courier, in reference to the contract undersigned between P.L.U.S. SRL UNIPERSONALE and the Express Courier.

P.L.U.S. SRL UNIPERSONALE's customer service collects all the advisories from the client about non-deliveries or delayed deliveries and in case takes legal actions against the courier companies in question, as per Italian law. The damaged goods' responsibility is to impute in every case to the courier company who managed the delivery. We do not accept to deliver in PO Box addresses. In case of missed pick up or non-delivery for a cause not depending by P.L.U.S. SRL UNIPERSONALE or the delivering courier, the delivery costs and the extra expenses to send back the goods to P.L.U.S. SRL UNIPERSONALE, are all payable by the client. The delivery costs are payable by the client and there is a fixed cost for the deliveries within Italian territory and a fixed cost for the deliveries for the European Union Countries.

The missed delivery at the second trial caused by a non presence of anybody in the indicated address will cause an extra debit of euro 8,00 for the redelivery.