INSTRUCTIONS OF USE AND WASHING How to wear, remove, wash and pack away OMERO products
a.How to wear the pantyhose
  • 1
    Remove rings and bracelets with sharp details, pay attention to the nails and - in case of chapped skin - put hand cream.
  • 2
    Roll up gently the pantyhose and slip it on the tiptoe.
  • 3
    Slip your tiptoe in the pantyhose and roll up along heel, calf and thigh.
  • 4
    Do the same for the other leg.
  • 5
    Pull the pantyhose to the waist and adjust it, massaging or gently pinching it.
b.How to wear the stockings

Wear stockings as normal tights, trying to position comfortably on the thigh the flounce in silicone. Body creams, talcum powder or cosmetic products sprinkled on the thigh could compromise the seal and the adhesion of silicone flounce on the leg.

c.Remove the tights

Rewind the tights from the hips to the ankles, introducing the thumb or hand between the leg and the tights. Pull gently without stretching from the toetips.

d.Washing instructions

OMERO products could be washed both by hand or with machine.
In the second case, it is recommended to put the product in a wash bag. Wash in cold water or at 30° degrees, with neutral detergent.
For stockings not overuse softener, in order to ensure the resilience of the flounce. Rinse thoroughly.
Do not wring.
Roll out gently, not in direct sunlight and not in direct contact with heat sources.

e.Pack away the tights

Fold the tights and put it in the original transparent bag or in other protective envelope.

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